Project Planning & Construction Services

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T.V. John & Son, Inc (TVJ) offers a full range of services that are delivered in numerous ways to fit our clients’ needs. The TVJ Service Programs include; RFP Assistance, Pre-Construction Planning & Budgeting, Construction Management, Owner’s Representative, Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC), Design-Build and General Construction. Specific services that TVJ can provide include:


Project Planning

  • Prepare Project Summary Document & Checklist for Design & Approvals
  • Develop Preliminary Project Schedule
  • Assist in the collection of all data for Owner Supplied Equipment & Material (Owner Direct Purchases)
  • Develop Preliminary Project Budget by creating 50% Work Category Descriptions based on 25% Design Documents
  • Develop Project Communication Plan


  • Review Project Design Checklist
  • Assist With Design Selection Process & Consultants Needed
  • Perform Design Document review at 50% complete and 90% complete for a Constructability Review
  • Analyze design cost estimates & identify areas for potential cost savings
  • Monitor Schedule & Identify Long Lead Items
  • Expedite Design Process
  • Conduct Project Meetings & Take Minutes
  • Assist with Regulatory Approvals
  • Review Construction Delivery Options

Procurement & Bidding

  • Review Project Bid Checklist
  • Develop Bidding & Construction Schedule
  • Conduct Extensive Search for Quality Trade Contractors To Bid on the Project
  • Write Work Category Descriptions
  • Manage the Project Bid Process
  • Facilitate a Pre-Bid Meeting
  • Coordinate Owner Direct Purchases
  • Expedite the Answering of Bid RFIs
  • Prepare Bid Analysis and Contractor qualification information and Review Details with Client.


Project Start-up

  • Write construction trade contracts &Ensure proper insurance coverage is obtained
  • Review Project Start-up Checklist
  • Establish Project Communication Plan
  • Set All Project Safety Expectations
  • Prepare Cash Flow Projections/li>
  • Set Delivery Dates for Owner Direct Purchases
  • Establish A Firm Construction Schedule
  • Hold a Pre-Construction Meeting for all
    Trade Contractors and the TVJ Site


  • Monitor Onsite Construction Activities
  • Review Payment Requests & Make Payment Recommendations for all Invoices
  • Establish Running Punchlist
  • Document Project Scope & Design Changes.
  • Negotiate & Document change Orders
  • Monitor Project Budget
  • Conduct Daily Quality Control and Safety Inspections
  • Write and Distrubute Daily Work Reports & Photos
  • Write and Distribute Weekly Project Update Summaries with 3-Week Look Ahead Schedules
  • Wor to Resolve Disputes that Arise
  • Perform all Project Closeout Reviews including inspections, punch list completion, receipt of O&M and warranties, permit signoffs, owner training and secure occupancy permit.