Get the Most out of GIS with Symbiont - Remote Class, Session One


Get the Most out of GIS with Symbiont - Remote Class, Session One

June 10, 2020



Symbiont’s GIS team will be giving two 1-hour classes on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) hosted by WRWA. The remote learning session will be held via Zoom.


The class will focus on mobile data collection for utilities and utilizing dashboards for utility reporting.  It will discuss replacing the traditional pen and paper method of collecting data, utilizing a mobile GIS to store and manage utility asset information is quickly changing the way many utility organizations collect and manage data. Utility workflows are increasingly being captured using a mobile GIS platform. With increasing amounts of data being captured and stored in the cloud, organizations require more creative ways to display that information. Dashboards provide a cost effective, and innovative way to visualize and interact with their collected and stored data.  Symbiont staff will discuss the cost effectiveness of this technology, its ease of use, and provide several case studies of small to medium sized communities utilizing this technology in its everyday workflows.


You won't want to miss this informative session. If this date doesn't work, consider the second session on June 17.